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Pyramids - Part 3

Abusir - The Places

The Pyramids at Abusir Part 3



  • The Unfinished Pyramid of Pharaoh Shepseskare

  • The Tombs at Abusir South

  •  The Tombs at Abusir West

  • The largest group of Old Kingdom Papyri

  • The Saite-Persian Cemetery

Unfinished Pyramid

Pyramid of Shepseskare, 4th or 5th Pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty

He may have only ruled for a matter of months which would explain why his Pyramid was unfinished

Abusir South: Cemetery of Ranking Officials from the Old Kingdom


  • 3rd Dynasty Tomb of Ity
  • 3rd Dynasty Tomb of Priest Hetepi
  • 4th Dynasty Tomb of Architect & Priest Kaaper
  • 5th Dynasty Tomb of Priest Rahotep
  • 5th Dynasty Tomb of Priest Fetekti
  • 6th Dynasty Tomb of Vizier Qar and his sons
  • Rock Cut Tomb of Charioteer Nakhtmin

Abusir West: Another Necropolis for Memphite Nobility, Priests and High Officials

Saite-Persian Cemetery: Atop a small hill which is directly south of the Pyramid for Pharaoh Neferefre


  • 26th and 27th Dynasty Tomb of High Official Udjahorresnet
  • 26th Dynasty Tomb of Priest and Administrator of Palaces Iufaa
  • 26th Dynasty Tomb of Official Menekhibneko
  • 26th Dynasty Tomb of Official Padihor
  • Tomb R3



Abusir held one more revelation, the largest group of Old Kingdom that has been found in Egypt to date.  It is known collectively as the Abusir Papyri. One of the Administrative Temple Papyri records the Abusir Funerary Cult of Pharaoh Neferirkare.


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